While we stayed in Bucharest, we decided it would be dumb not to go see Transylvania. It was about a 2.5 hour drive–of which the first half is flat farmland. The second half, while you climb into the mountains, is quite beautiful! We got to see Peles Royal Castle, Dracula’s Castle, and took a quick view of the Black Church in a town called Brasov. It was a very long day, but worth the memories, views, and stories!


Woolly Clothing Company

The fourth company we found is called Woolly Clothing Company. This company is based out of Seattle, Washington and is very small, thus their selection is…small. At this point, they only carry men’s clothes…if they’re in stock. I was able to get underwear for my son (men’s size small) and he loves them! A year later–these are still going strong :).

My husband was disappointed because he wanted to try those same Woolly underwear, but they didn’t have his size in stock. Anyways, my only complaint for this company is the lack of clothing they offer being in stock. Their prices are by far the best I’ve seen and I would love to try one of their T-shirts to see how they compare with the other brands I’ve reviewed.

Anyways, since writing this post last year, I see that they have added a women’s line (yay!). Although the selection is not very big or diverse in color (black seems to be the only option right now) I look forward to trying them and updating this post.

Transylvania – Liam

Our tour lady was fun. I got to see Transylvania. Transylvania was boring because the castles were weird. Some of the castle that we saw, we didn’t get to go inside of it. We did get to go inside of some of the castle. We didn’t really see the tower, we only saw the outside.

My favorite part of the tour was lunch because I got a burger. It was good.

I learned that the king liked soldiers and weapons and the queen liked fairy tales.