Urban Merino

This company is based out of the UK and has a fairly small selection of clothes, but they have a variety of colors in each style, which makes it a larger selection than other websites. They are a bit pricey, but again, that seems to be how it goes when you’re purchasing clothes made out of Merino Wool. Bonus here: with this company, you can sign up on their website and get a 15% off coupon, which I love :).

We ordered a super cute dress from Urban Merino. My daughter thought it was a little itchy at first, but with a base layer underneath it and after a few wears, it softened up and was perfect to dress up or down. We liked this dress so much that we ordered another one and they are still going strong a year and a half later!

We also ordered some pants from these guys. The pants were warm and comfortable while they lasted. Both my kiddos wore them throughout the year and eventually the knees wore out–which after a year of hard wear and tear, happens with other pants as well.


Yesterday my dad left to go to Malta for his work. My mom, siblings and I went to the beach and it was really hot there and there were lots of people at the beach. We could hardly find a parking spot. So we had to park at the top and walk all the way down. When we found a place to sit we placed all our stuff down and sat down.

Liam and Kaitlyn went snorkeling and Kaitlyn said Liam and she saw AMAZING things underneath the huge rocks in the water. And I played with the sand toys and made a drip castle for Peyton to destroy.

Later Peyton got board and asked my mom if Peyton and I could walk back on the trail. (There’s a trail leading back to the house we’re staying at right now.) My mom said yes if you bring this bag up to the car so he did.

We left and I saw Peyton and he said ok let’s go and I said wait everybody else is coming too. Next, we got home, my mom made dinner and we had a MTCH.That means movie time clubhouse. We watched Hook. Then we went to bed.

The End!!!!😄

The Window

Now, renting a car definitely has its benefits. You can get around on your own and you don’t have to rely on public transportation. When you are on an island that relies heavily on tourist season, and it is not tourist season, not only that, but you are staying in a town that is only alive during tourist season, a car is a definite must.

That being said, we are very thankful we rented a car while we are staying in Cyprus. It is also nice that the car we rented just so happens to be from a very out of the way, not very well known car rental place. It is also especially nice that the car we were given looks like it has been…”well-loved”.

Being on the receiving end of a “well-loved” car has its benefits.  When you can mark up the whole diagram of the car you’re renting before leaving the rental car lot, you don’t have to think about small dings and scrapes that will happen when you normally rent a car.

That being said, no matter how well marked up the car diagram is, it will not hide a broken passenger window. The window was there when we drove off the rental car lot. Each time a child tried to open the window, you could hear the click click click of the window go up and down. There are only so many times you can tell your children to stop opening the window until eventually the window stops click clicking and, unfortunately, this window decided to stop click clicking while it was open.

As this happened, I hear my husband murmur, “Well, I guess I know what I’m going to be busy doing this afternoon…and without tools.”

He fixed it, but once the door was pulled apart, it was very apparent we were not the first ones to encounter this issue. I guess there is a downside to not being on the receiving end of a spotless rental car.