07/18/2016-Checking Things off the List

Here we are and it’s Monday. My husband is in Minnesota for the week for business. He comes home Thursday night and then Friday we’ll hit the ground running to move out of our home into my in-law’s house. I’m wishing we could just skip over the next week and have it all be done–but since that can’t happen, I’ll just move one moment at a time.

I made appointments for our family to go into San Francisco in September to get our extended visas. If you think about us, please pray that all goes smoothly. We should be approved, but there’s always that lingering possibility that the consulate is having a bad day and we could be denied–so prayers would be greatly appreciated!

The great news is that we found a great home for our dog! He’ll be staying at the boarding place we usually board him for a week starting Sunday and then his new foster family will pick him up. As for the cat–we may have found a home, but it hasn’t been finalized.

More great news is that one of our friends will be coming with us for the first few weeks! I’m so excited that she’ll be joining us! The best part? She’s awesome!

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