Experiential Journey-The Beginning

We are dreaming. Thinking of ideas of how we could be different. When we think of what the purpose of parenting is, we know it is to raise independent and responsible adults. We would like our children to experience the world, realizing that each place has its own unique and wonderful culture. We want them to get to know people of all different colors, shapes, sizes, and backgrounds—giving them the chance to know first hand that we all are created with gifts and talents big and small…and that every human being has a soul.

This is why we are dreaming. We’re dreaming of ways where we can teach these things to our children, first hand. Experientially.So, we are going on an experiential journey. We are taking our children on a 2-week journey to England and Sweden. We are going to see how it would be to travel around with 4 children ages 5-11 experiencing places, cultures, foods, and languages. This is an experiment because if it goes well, we would like to take the next year to travel  with our children staying in a different place each week.

So, we’ll see? Maybe this really will turn into an experiential blog. Maybe you’ll get to read about our lives as nomads, traveling through Europe, Scandinavia, and Great Britain. Maybe you’ll be able to get a glimpse into the lives of our children and what they’re learning and experiencing first hand as they learn about cultures, try different foods, figure out how to convert money, and see fascinating historical sights? Who knows?

I’m excited about the possibilities!

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