Away From Home Haarlem/Amsterdam My Time Here

We had a great time in the Netherlands, going to different museums and down different streets. I liked seeing Corrie Ten Boom’s house and learning even more about her than the book would explain to me. I liked to see the different streets and alleys in Haarlem, because I thought they were beautiful.

When we went to the Corrie Ten Boom museum, I was able to see the actual hiding place inside of her actual house, which was pretty cool. I learned how small the hole was and that the Nazis would be able to hear the people in the hiding place if anyone moved. They had to stand up in there without water, food, or sleep for forty-seven hours. One of the ladies in there had asthma and couldn’t breathe very well. Corrie was arrested after the Nazis invaded their house along with about twenty-six others, including her family and the people that thought it would be safe to come to the house. Because Corrie was sick that day, she wasn’t able to do anything about the Nazis. In fact, she just thought that the real thing was a drill.

Yesterday, we went to Amsterdam, which was pretty fun. It is not really a very kid-friendly town, though, for reasons I am not going to explain here. We tried to avoid the bad part of town, which we did, because it would not have been any fun if we went there. We went to a restaurant that had, at first what I thought, was themed like the sixties. I thought wrong. I got a burger that had a sauce that tasted like a sloppy joe, so I took the meat out and just ate that. On the bright side, the meat tasted really good (better than the stuff back in the U.S.). The fries were served with mustard, but luckily they gave us ketchup for the burgers.

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