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Places We Saw in Haarlem

On Wednesday we flew a plane to Amsterdam and then took a bus to Haarlem. Finally, my family walked to the house we stayed at. We realized that we were across a huge church called Grote Markt.


Thursday my family walked around shops and ate at a pizza restaurant.

On Friday we went to Corrie TenBoom’s house and ate at a really good Greek restaurant. Corrie TenBoom hid Jews in a hiding place so they wouldn’t be found by the Germans. When Corrie was arrested, she hid six people. Corrie was released from prison and spent the rest of her life telling people about Jesus’ forgiveness.

On Saturday we walked to a train station and went to Amsterdam. We walked over several bridges and we saw an ice-cream place and got some. I got banana. It was really good. Then we got some dinner. Finally, we took a train back and walked home. My favorite part was seeing Anne Frank’s house.

I like the church because it is tall and you can see the stained glass windows from the inside.

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