Auschwitz was very sad because lots of people died in the gassing chamber and the hospital. We had to be quiet in the hospital because  we wanted to show respect to the people that died there. People cut off women’s hair and killed them after. There was lots and lots of hair. When the women had babies, they killed the women and drowned the babies. I was scared when we went into the prison because I thought they might lock us in there. I walked away very sad that something so terrible could happen. I hope it will never happen again!


3 Comments on “Auschwitz!-Kaitlyn

  1. Dear Kaitlyn,
    This is a very good report. I am so proud of you. I’m sure it was hard to see this concentration camp and see what horrible things were done to people. This is why people need to hear about Jesus. His love heals and gives hope. I love you very much. Love,


  2. Kaitlyn, thank you for such a thoughtful response to Auschwitz. You are a very brave girl to go there. I’m glad your heart is sensitive to terrible things that have happened in history and that you would never want those things to happen again. Like your Nana said in her comment, people need to hear about Jesus. And the other good thing is that Jesus offers forgiveness to those who do wrong! Hopefully your next destination is a little less scary!
    Aunt Ali


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