Yesterday my family and I woke up and we took a taxi to Auschwitz to learn the history of that place. We learned that millions of people died there. What they did was they told a lot of people that they were taking them to the showers but they tricked them. They took them to the gassing chambers. So they closed the doors and put poison gas in the chamber and all the people died. We also learned that tons of people slept on the bottom bunk, and it was the worst,  because that’s where all the rats lived. And ten people had to sleep on each bed.👎🏼

When we were  outside, walking around, it was pouring rain and it was cold! My hands felt like ice-cubes!

One Comment on “Auschwitz-Reagan

  1. Dear Reagan.
    I loved reading your report. Good job! I’m sure it was hard to see this concentration camp. It is hard to understand how people could be so cruel. We need to tell people about Jesus because without Him, there is no hope and people live for evil desires.


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