Month: November 2016

The Louvre By Kaitlyn

The Louvre was so fun to me we stayed for seven and a half hours!  We saw the Mona Lisa there, and it was so cool! There  was a panting about the flood; it was sad. The Louvre was so pretty and it looked like a triangle, well, it was. It went underground, it is cool! We went in it, did you know?

The Eiffel_Tower

The Eiffel Tower was so fun! We went on the top of it and Peyton was so scared, so, on top he and Mom and me and Liam went down to the bottom and Peyton was scared going down. Peyton needed Me and Liam and Mom and I was happy to help him. Reagan and Dad and Papa Willy were fine. The Eiffel Tower was pretty and tall and at night the lights went bursting! It was cool!

Nice- Reagan

In Nice we stayed in a apartment with an elevator. The room we stayed in had three rooms, one bathroom, one living room and two little porches. We stayed on the fourth floor. Right next to us was a big park. All the play structures were made out of wood, rope, and metal. Yesterday my family and i went to the same restaurant we went to for breakfast for lunch. One day my family got a macaroon. The flavor that I got was not good at all. My mom and my brother Peyton got caramel , my sister Kaitlyn got vanilla and my other brother got strawberry. That was my favorite part.