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Paris, Barcelona & London – Reagan


The Louvre has SOOO many paintings and sculptures. If you look at each painting for 30 seconds it would take about 100 days!! Can you even believe that? It was amazing and incredible how people back then even made those things at the Louvre.


The big market is probably the largest market you would ever see!! The first day we went, we bought Chocolate. It was good!! The second day we went, we bought several good things like freshly made orange juice and raspberry juice. 


The London Tower was amazing! We saw many things like… how Queen Elisabeth became queen and Queen Victoria’s Crown and many other crowns. We saw the clothes that people wore and where the prisoners stayed.

2 comments on “Paris, Barcelona & London – Reagan

  1. Anonymous says:

    HI Reagan! Thank you for writing. I love to read about all your are seeing. I always say that there is no better way to learn the history of this world than by traveling and seeing it for yourself! You are blessed to have these wonderful experiences and time to make special memories with your family.
    Love, Your Cousins in San Diego, Monica, Robb, Colin & Brianna


  2. pambond says:

    Good job Reagan! You are having such wonderful experiences these months. I can’t wait to see you soon to celebrate Christmas. Love you.


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