Month: January 2017

LoLo Butter and Canned Rice

Sometimes—although very very rarely can you choose your neighbors, but most people don’t get to know their neighbors until after they’ve moved in. This is a reality for Airbnbers. We’ve had really good luck with really quiet neighbors thus far–that is until Ireland. Seriously! What is up with the Irish? I keep thinking that maybe it’s a cultural thing–but I’m getting the feeling that, thankfully, maybe it’s not a Irish thing–just a case of bad luck in the Airbnb world. 

In Dublin we had Peggy. Oh Peggy was a wonderful lady, sweet, old, didn’t get out much, and lonely. She came over one morning asking for Barry (our host). Well, Barry obviously wasn’t home so she asked my husband if he would go get some things at the store for her. Being the sweet man that he is, my husband said that of course he would. She made a list (of which included the following items: butter, she made it very clear that she had to have LoLo butter, a bag of rice, k biscuits, ice cream, jelly, and cigarets). We were going to the store the next day, but that didn’t stop her from coming back later that afternoon and then that evening to see if we had been to the store yet to get her things. 

The next day my husband went on a run before heading to the store and upon his return Peggy comes out again asking if we have gone to the store yet. No, we had not, but we would leave right then to go. 

We walked the 15 minutes to the grocery store, found the LoLo butter, then we decide to be generous and get her 2 bags of rice rather than the one she had requested, ice cream, and as far as the K biscuits went–we had no idea what they were. I even asked someone who worked at the store if they knew what they were and I checked Google…neither knew. So–because biscuits are cookies in the U.K., we got her 2 different types of cookies whose brand started with a K. As far as the cigarets went…neither of us are smokers, so we had no idea what brand of cigarets to get Peggy–so we guessed and went home with her things. My kids were really excited to deliver the items to Peggy. We even bought her a chocolate bar and threw it in the bag of items. They put the bags on her front porch and then came home.

A little while later, our doorbell rings. It’s Peggy. She proceeded to tell my husband that we had gotten her the wrong rice. She didn’t know what to do with the bags of rice we had bought her. She explained that she needed canned rice. The cigarets were wrong too. They were imported and she didn’t smoke imported cigarets. Thankfully, my husband had answered the door, because I was listening to the conversation completely aghast at her ungrateful attitude. Then she left.

My husband had to work that night, and as he’s working the doorbell rings again. I opened the door and there’s Peggy. She’s looking a little bit frantic and I’m going to write out the conversation between her and me because I just can’t make this stuff up:

“Where is he?!?”


“Your partner, the lovely gentleman.”

“Oh, he’s working.”

“Well I really need to talk to him.”

“Well, he’s working. I can’t go get him because he’s teaching a class and I am not going to interrupt him right now. He cannot come down.”

“Well, I really need to talk to him.”

At this point I’m thinking something must really be wrong. She’s frantic and seems a bit out of sorts–so I ask her, “Is there something I can help you with?”

“Well, the butter. It’s not in the bag!”

Oh my goodness, I’m not really sure how to respond here. I thought her house was on fire or something tragic had happened, so I was not expecting this!

“Um…I know we bought you butter and I know we put it in the bag that we left on your porch.”

“Are you sure? It was supposed to be LoLo butter. I cannot have bread without my LoLo butter!”

“Um…yes. We got you LoLo butter and put it in your bag. I can go check our fridge to see if somehow it made it back here, but I know we put it in your bag.”

I proceded to walk to our fridge, opened the fridge searched the fridge, and walked back empty handed. “I’m sorry, it is not here.”

“Well, I cannot have bread without butter! You did get me jelly and that is good, but I cannot have bread without butter!”

By this time, I just cannot believe what is happening! I had seen a block of beef drippings in the fridge and offered it to her to try and get rid of her. That didn’t help. She didn’t want beef drippings. She wanted LoLo butter. 

“When does he get off of work?”

“Not until 10.”

“Well, I’ll be asleep by then”

After apologizing to her, I say, “Well, I’m sorry you lost the butter. I hope you’re able to find it.”

Peggy turns around to leave, but then turns back and says, “Now, that rice! I asked for canned rice. What am I supposed to do with those little hard things?”

Oh my goodness! I’m just shaking my head at this woman, “Can’t you cook it?”
She’s is incensed that I would even suggest that, “Cook it? I don’t cook rice! I get it in a can and leave it open all day and eat it. And those cigarets–I don’t smoke imported cigarets. Those are too strong for me. And where’s the bread? I didn’t see any bread. That was on my list too. There are these hard square looking things that I guess could be bread, but I didn’t see a loaf.”

Oh boy. I do my best to not be rude and say, “bread was not on the list. My husband is working until ten. Have a good night.”

I close the door, shaking my head in disbelief at what had just transpired. About 25 minutes later, the door rings again. And. I answer it. 

It’s Peggy. 

“You will not believe it! I found the butter! I cannot believe how stupid I was! I left it under some clothes!”
I smile, “oh good. I’m glad you found the butter.”

“And that rice! Can you return it? I wanted canned rice. What am I supposed to do with those hard little things? I guess I could eat them, but they are so hard!”

Here we go again. Why did I answer the door?

The next evening the kids and I went to some friends’ house for dinner and we were out late. My husband got off of work at 10 again that night, and before we got home, he wanted to go on a run. As he’s leaving the house, Peggy is outside watching him and scares the crappola out of him! She had waited for him to get off work so she could bring the cigarets she didn’t like over so he would exchange them for ones she did like. So, yes, my husband is a softy for old and lonely women. He obliged and the next day we were at the store exchanging the Marlboro Reds for some Irish-made skinny white brand of cigarets. 

Dublin – Peyton

Last week we went to Dublin. There was a lot of interesting history there because it is one of the first places the vikings took over. You might have read my previous blog about the Dublinia. If you didn’t, it’s a museum about the vikings and medieval times in Dublin. While we were in that museum, I learned lots of things such as the vikings landed in Dublin in 841 and started to colonize.

In Dublin, my Dad has friends, so we went and met them at their church. It was a beautiful building, but inside it was like a church in America. Their son, Pelé is 14. I hadn’t seen him in 6 years or so. They were living in America for five of those six years, so i thought it was kind of funny how I was seeing them more in a whole different continent than i did in America.

One of the days we were there, we went to a burger place called Wow Burger. They had pretty good burgers, fries (chips), and milkshakes. One of the people there made a paper airplane and threw it. It went over the bar. The first thing the guy thought to do was reach over the bar to grab it. In Ireland, if you reach over the bar, the bartender gets mad at you, and sometimes kicks you out of the restaurant. In this scenario, the guy was kicked out. The bartender was trying to explain to the guy why it is bad to lean over the bar, and the guy tried to justify himself. That was a bad idea.

Our second to last day there, we went to the Dublin zoo with Ryan and Mariann (Dad’s friends). It was a really awesome zoo with a lot of different kinds of animals. It was a lot better than the S.F. zoo (and not because i hate the Giants, Papa Willy) i thought. We were there all day from about 10:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. We saw gibbons (Our favorite kind of monkey) swinging around their little fake trees and branches. I haven’t seen gibbons since the last time I went to the Dallas zoo. After the zoo, we went to Ryan and Mariann’s house.

On our last day there, we went back to church and did the same thing we did the previous Sunday. We said goodbye to our friends and then left to the train station. That was the end of our stay in Dublin.

Dublinia Museum- Peyton

Today we went to the Dublinia. The Dublinia is a museum in Dublin (as you might have guessed). It explains how life might have been in the Viking through Medieval eras. There were various artifact that were found made in those eras that we were able to see. They displayed lots of rubber people all around the museum to help explain what it would be like.

The very first thing it said in the museum was that the vikings started to colonize in Dublin at around the year 841. It explained how some of the people that traveled to Dublin were looking for better farmland and others were looking to get rich very quickly.

When vikings travelled, they had to go to land sometimes, so when they found land, it was sometimes temporary. They would put up a tent to sleep the night, then in the morning their adventure would start again.

Most vikings were only part time warriors, so there were never permanent armies. Like I already wrote, a lot of the vikings were looking for good farmland, and you can’t farm as a warrior.

There was a whole section that talked about the writing the vikings used. It is called runes. The letters looked weird and the alphabet looked like this:


I traced my name in runes and it looked pretty cool. You probably already know that my name is Peyton, so you can see how cool it was.

It also talked about how the most vulnerable places for the vikings to attack were the churches and monasteries. Usually, these places had lots of treasure that the priests and dudes like that were giving to God. The vikings weren’t attacking these types of places because they hated the Christians, but because of all of these treasures I’ve been telling you about. When they raided the villages and stuff, they would take people as slaves too.

On the next floor, there was stuff on medieval times. It explained that back then, when you had the black death or leprosy you would be cast out and left to die, unless a charity took you in and tried to treat you. With leprosy, you would get a bell so that the healthy people could avoid you. I didn’t read anything about black death, so I can’t tell you about that. I also didn’t read anything in the next room, but it was a small room so whatever.

On the top floor, they focused on explaining how the archaeologists dug up all the artifacts. That was the floor where they held most of the artifacts, and we weren’t allowed to take pictures.