How We Do Our Meals

When we were home, I had many ask me how we did our food. Did we eat out all the time? Did we eat in all the time? How did our meals work? Well, what we have found that works best for our family to buy breakfast and lunch at the local markets. We make sure to have plenty of eggs, meat (either bacon or prosciutto work), fruit, milk, bread, and yogurt on hand. This has gotten us through the long, get-over-the-jetlag-nights and also allows for lazy mornings. I have learned that lazy mornings are a must if we’re going to take the kids out for some site-seeing and have it be any fun!

I have found myself these new (ok, new to me) leafy greens called valerian leaves and oooh I think they’re my favorite salad base! Throw some tomatoes and oil and balsamic on top and you have one tasty (and quite beautiful I must add) salad to add to your meal!

Anyways, my good camera was taken to the Vatican, so this phone-snap of what we had today will have to do! Notice those orange trees outside our window! Love it!img_6808




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