Rome – by Peyton

Last week my family went to Rome. It was everything I expected and more. On the first day we rested to try and get over the jetlag, so that we could go on to see all of the awesome things later in the week. Our house was located five minutes walking distance from the Colosseum. If we walked out of the apartment building we could see it.

On the next day, we toured the Colosseum. It was really cool. I was surprised at how it was so wrecked. There were holes all over it and the inside was demolished. There was only a little bit of marble at the bottom, and that was just to show how the seats were made for the spectators. There were big holes all over the outside, and the ground was a labyrinth.

We spent about twenty minutes on the ground floor, then moved down to the bottom floor. On the bottom, the tour guide explained how it would be like down there. She said that it would be a dreadful place to be; hungry animals and only candles to light your way. It smelled of manure and there were lots of hallways to get yourself lost. She started talking about the types of animals they used in the Colosseum… After all, it was for entertainment. She said they used Giraffes, Lions, Tigers, Elephants, Ostriches, Bears, and the Monkeys were trained to drive chariots, of course (because who doesn’t have chariot driving monkeys?).

Next, after we were done with the bottom floor, we went up to the top. There was a beautiful view of all the ancient roman stuff. It was so green, and I was so concentrated on the view that I didn’t listen to anything the tour guide said. Well, that’s not true. I did listen to her talking about the different gladiators that fought in the Colosseum. She talked about how it always had to be a fair fight or else no one would come to watch the battles.

The next day,  we woke up and went to the Vatican City. Kaitlyn, Liam, and Mom didn’t come because they weren’t up to the walking (Mom had to stay home with them). We walked all the way over there and started walking around the big square. The church was cool looking, but I didn’t like the idea of having the wall around the whole thing. Dad called it a church-fortress. We wanted to get into the Sistine Chapel to see the painting of God reaching out to Adam, so we started walking around to find the entrance. We ended up walking around the whole country (yes, I’ve walked around a whole country before) and didn’t find the entrance. We assumed it was closed, so we went into the line to get into St. Peter’s Basilica. The entrance to the dome was going to close too early, so we weren’t able to go into that, but we did go into the church building. We thought it was weird, so we left.

We walked the extra mile or so to get to the Pantheon. That wasn’t the kind of thing that you spend hours in, so we spent a few minutes in it and left. We took a taxi home because mine and Reagan’s feet were really hurting. When we got home we told the rest of the family about our journeys. Mom and Dad went on a date, so I was the babysitter. When we woke up the next morning, it was time to leave Rome. Now we are in Dublin, Ireland seeing all of the cool things here.

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  1. Awesome report Peyton. I could read your writing all day! I’m so glad you get this wonderful experience. Love Nana

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