On Christmas – By Kaitlyn

The family went together at my grandparents house and we talked and played and opened presents. We threw string around while we talked. My dad started the string and then we sang “The First day of Christmas” song. I played with my cousins. We played a really fun game.

I had one sleepover at my cousin McKenna’s house. They have two dogs named Chloe and Charger. Charger is five and he is the oldest one there and he has lived there the longest. Chloe has lived there the shortest and she is only a puppy and she sometimes pees on the floor. I think she does this because she is not used to being in a house and not in a cage.

We stayed up all night at the sleepover. We watched a movie called “Camp Rock”, we watched a few Youtube videos of a dog named Guppy, and we also watched a Youtube video of cheats in life. I learned that you can roll up some tin foil as wide and as long as a battery and stick it in a flashlight and on the video they proved that it will work in-place of a battery. I also learned that when you choke on something and no one is around you can put your fist wherever you are choking and put your hand above your fist and push. If that doesn’t work, you can use a chair. All you need to do is bend over the back of a chair and use the backrest to help your hand and fist push the food out of your body. It will probably work. 0_0

3 Comments on “On Christmas – By Kaitlyn

  1. Kaitlyn, you are quite a writer! Very descriptive! I laughed my way through this. Thanks for making me smile! I will say, though, you forgot to mention our ice skating trip to Northstar where you skated for hours and did so awesome! Love you!


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