Dublinia Museum- Peyton

Today we went to the Dublinia. The Dublinia is a museum in Dublin (as you might have guessed). It explains how life might have been in the Viking through Medieval eras. There were various artifact that were found made in those eras that we were able to see. They displayed lots of rubber people all around the museum to help explain what it would be like.

The very first thing it said in the museum was that the vikings started to colonize in Dublin at around the year 841. It explained how some of the people that traveled to Dublin were looking for better farmland and others were looking to get rich very quickly.

When vikings travelled, they had to go to land sometimes, so when they found land, it was sometimes temporary. They would put up a tent to sleep the night, then in the morning their adventure would start again.

Most vikings were only part time warriors, so there were never permanent armies. Like I already wrote, a lot of the vikings were looking for good farmland, and you can’t farm as a warrior.

There was a whole section that talked about the writing the vikings used. It is called runes. The letters looked weird and the alphabet looked like this:


I traced my name in runes and it looked pretty cool. You probably already know that my name is Peyton, so you can see how cool it was.

It also talked about how the most vulnerable places for the vikings to attack were the churches and monasteries. Usually, these places had lots of treasure that the priests and dudes like that were giving to God. The vikings weren’t attacking these types of places because they hated the Christians, but because of all of these treasures I’ve been telling you about. When they raided the villages and stuff, they would take people as slaves too.

On the next floor, there was stuff on medieval times. It explained that back then, when you had the black death or leprosy you would be cast out and left to die, unless a charity took you in and tried to treat you. With leprosy, you would get a bell so that the healthy people could avoid you. I didn’t read anything about black death, so I can’t tell you about that. I also didn’t read anything in the next room, but it was a small room so whatever.

On the top floor, they focused on explaining how the archaeologists dug up all the artifacts. That was the floor where they held most of the artifacts, and we weren’t allowed to take pictures.

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