GoApe Ropes Course-Peyton

On Tuesday (Valentine’s day), we went to the park. We thought it was just going to be the standard european park… We thought wrong. So, we walked for a half an hour to find a playground in a huge park in London called Battersea Park. From the distance we could see something that looked like a playground. We decided to go check it out, and we saw that it was a really large playground with a ropes course through the trees. It was obviously the most popular playground in the park, because it was packed with kids and parents.

Mom didn’t want to pay for us to go on the ropes course. I, of course did, because it looked awesome. Once we got all harnessed in, the girls were in front of Liam and I, so they took off. I had to stay back with Liam to make sure he would be okay. After the first obstacle, he got scared, so of course, all the people behind us had to go back to the start to let him go back.

Liam didn’t want to go again, so I had to be in the back of all the other people. By the time I got to the second obstacle, the girls were almost at the end. The people in front of me took FOREVER, because there was a little kid. I wasn’t allowed to pass them, so I had to wait until they finished the obstacle for me to go. Once we got to the first zipline, (yes, there were two ziplines) the little kid in front of me left so I was happy about that. I caught up to the people in front of me, and, of course, there was another little kid. This one was even slower.
A lot of the obstacles were kind of hard, but we had harnesses, so it didn’t even matter. The zipline was pretty crazy because it kind of felt like we were jumping off a house.

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