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The Obstacle Course By Kaitlyn 0_0

We went to Battersea park. Peyton wonted to pay for the obstacle course; it was so fun. It was about 25 dollars for one of us, so it was 95 for all of us. Liam was too scared to do it so 25 dollars went to waste. I felt so bad for Peyton and Liam and the people behind them because they all had to go to the beginning of the obstacle course to let Liam out. Reagan, Peyton and I finished the obstacle course. My favorite part was the zip lines on the ropes course. I hope that next time we are in London we can go back.

One comment on “The Obstacle Course By Kaitlyn 0_0

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good job Kaitlyn. I’m proud of you.


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