So Far in Cyprus

Cyprus is a far cry from the hustle and bustle of the cities we’ve been in like London and Amsterdam and we are definitely here on the off-season, where it is quiet and a bit chilly at night. That being said, it is a lovely country and I can see why it is a growing destination for vacationers.

Last week we spent the week at a town house in Paphos. We were definitely outside of the touristy area, which is something I have grown to enjoy. We were about a 10 minute walk from the main strip where there are restaurants, the sea and little touristy shops. There was a big open archeological site on our way to the main strip where you can see the first church built in Paphos. What I found to be the most fascinating part of that archeological site was a pillar where local traditions say that the apostle Paul was tied up to and flogged! Amazing!

We found out about 2 months ago that my husband was going to have to go back to the States for 2 weeks in February. We were going to have my mom come out in the spring anyways, so we decided this would be the perfect time for her to come! So, on Friday evening, after about 32 hours of travel, my mom arrived and it has been really great having her!

That all brings us to this week. This week feels a lot like a vacation to me. I’m sitting in the backyard of this beautiful house with a pool, palm trees, and the shores of the Mediterranean waters just a short walk away. My mom is inside baking a cake with the girls while my sons are playing and I’m just sitting here enjoying this lovely place finally taking the time to write an update on our travels.

Tomorrow we will be tourists and actually tour some villages. I really am looking forward to this! We will stop at one village and learn how they made their pottery in the old traditional Cypriot way; in another village, we will be taught how they make their traditional bread; in another village, we will be taught how they make olive oil; in another village we will be able to taste some local wine and cheese. All that and more! I believe this will be a fantastic experience for all of us…and a very memorable time for the kiddos.

Anyways, I figured I should probably give an update on our travels since it has been a while. Hopefully next time it won’t be 4 weeks between posts!

2 Comments on “So Far in Cyprus

  1. Sounds wonderful. What an adventure for all of you. What kinda cake did your Mom make? Tee hee


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