Cyprus Tour -Peyton

Yesterday, we took a tour of Cyprus. It was a really awesome six hour tour, where we drove all around the island. It was a full tour with lots of English people and some Russians. We got to learn history of the island, and tried local food made right on the spot with lots of fresh ingredients.


Our first stop was a local pottery shop in the Turkish half of Cyprus. The potter was a refugee from some country that I don’t know, but he was a dang good potter. You may be thinking: Harry Potter?, but sadly it wasn’t Harry. Anyways, after that weird comment that had nothing to do with anything… or maybe it did, he was an awesome *cough cough* Harry Potter *cough cough*. He made the job look really easy. He showed us how he made three different shapes of pots, and showed us how to make a good inside too. Before we got into the *cough cough* Harry *cough cough* Pottery shop, the tour guide told us that he was one of the best potters on the island.


Our next stop was a thousand year old church. The tour guide explained that there were four different types of churches on the island, and they all depended on the amount of domes on the top. One dome represented heaven. Two represented Jesus and Mary. Three was the holy trinity. There was no four, and five was the cross. This church was a five dome church, and the guide said that they added a sixth one later on. I didn’t go in, but Nana said it was a beautiful church inside.

2017-03-01-01-20-11Next we went to a delights shop. They made Turkish delights and sugared almonds. We got to try both of them, and they were both amazing. The guide said that most Turkish delights are made with gelatin nowadays, but these ones aren’t. The reason they are usually made with gelatin, is because if they aren’t, they delights have to be stirred for four hours. Before automatic things came out, the delight factories had to hand stir them. Imagine sitting there stirring for four hours!

Next, we went to a local’s home, where she made homemade bread and haloumi cheese. Now this stuff was to die for. It was the best bread and cheese I’ve ever had in my entire life. She made it with her own fresh goat’s milk and wheat. She had bought nothing from the store and had grown it all herself. She made her own yeast and flour, and even had her own bread oven to cook the bread in right there. The guide said that, because the food was so good, a very famous chef was coming over from Greece to talk with the lady. When we got there, they were serving an alcoholic drink. It looked like water, so Kaitlyn drank some. She was really disgusted by it.

At the lady’s house, there were baby bunnies that she let us hold. When she handed it to me, it started squirming around in my hands trying to escape. It was successful. I think it really got hurt by hitting the ground, because it didn’t move for another five minutes. Apparently, it didn’t learn it’s lesson, because when the owner of the house gave it to someone else, it started squirming around again, and almost fell.


We then went over to a local vineyard, but none of us kids were interested. We went outside and played Mom’s phone until they were done. Then, we went to our last stop. Aphrodite’s rock, where Aphrodite supposedly came out of the water. I was expecting it to be a small rock just barely poking out of the water. My expectations were way off. It was a big rock, where you could probably fit a decent sized house onto it. There were cliffs that had no fence where we had to stand to see it. Mom was really nervous that someone was going to fall, so she told us we had to go back to the bus. This, obviously made none of us happy.

2017-03-01-04-55-00-1They dropped us off at the park right next to our home, so we played there for a little bit, then had a relaxing rest of the day.

The End

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