I wasn’t real sure what to expect when we found out we were headed to Leeds for the week. I thought it might be a bit like Felixstowe without the North Sea. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how lovely this little town is. It almost reminds me of a much smaller version of London.

We are right by the city center, where there is a huge mall with lots of shops and restaurants. During the day there are different musicians that preform, creating music while you stroll by. Some are really good–others not so much.

Yesterday we went to the Royal Armouries Museum and the kids loved it! Every 1.5 hours or so throughout the day they have live performances. We got to watch a sword-fighting match, which, once we got used to the incredibly thick Yorkshire accent, we were able to learn quite a bit about the swords they used and the different techniques knights had for sword fighting. The kids learned a lot! We also got to see how English armour and weaponry has changed throughout the years–it really was quite a fascinating museum!

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