Leeds museum-by Reagan

Today the five of us went to the Leeds museum we learned lots of things. We learned about different types of animals and one of them was a bear named Grandma! She died of double pneumonia along with most of the other bears.

My favorite part of the museum

My favorite part was looking up all sorts of animals with my brother. There was one specific animal from each region of the world. They all had awesome describing words and good names!

Trying on costumes

We also tried on costumes that were from China and the jungle. My sister Kaitlyn tried on a giraffe and monkey. My brother Liam tried on a monkey and zebra and my other brother Peyton tried on a giraffe. I did not try any on! And in the China place Kaitlyn tried on some red costume and I tried on a blue and black dress looking thing and last but not least Liam tried on a weird, ugly and blue costume!!!

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