Croatia has been on our list of places to visit since we first started talking about traveling Europe. We have heard that it is incredibly beautiful–and just recently has started to become a tourist destination, so it isn’t too expensive yet and still has its local charm to it.

For our first visit, we flew to the city of Dubrovnik. We are staying within the city walls, which was a great decision on my part. Dubrovnik is a completely walled in city right on the Mediterranean coast. Many Game of Thrones enthusiasts would be able to recognize the topography as much of the show was filmed in and around Dubrovnik.

What we didn’t know, was just how magnificent this city really is. All buses, taxis and cars have to drop off their passengers at the gate–yes, there is a drawbridge and a gate. You can walk the entire perimeter of the city both up on top of the wall (although we have not quite figured out how to get up there yet!) and down bellow the wall. There are incredibly beautiful churches throughout the city, cobblestone streets, walls upon walls of old stones, and history that medieval lovers drool over. It’s an incredibly romantic city where getting lost within the tall, narrow streets could become a daily occurrence. It’s also a city where the struggle is real between the locals wanting their beautiful city to retain the charm they love and the country’s promotion of tourism, which brings in lots of money and a growing number of tourists.

We have only been here a day, but I wanted to go ahead and share some images of this beautiful place.

2017-04-16 02.10.492017-04-16 02.33.392017-04-16 02.37.272017-04-15 09.23.54-12017-04-15 09.44.07-22017-04-15 09.48.08-32017-04-15 10.16.37

2 Comments on “Croatia

  1. What a beautiful place! I’d love to go there! Thanks for your blogs. They mean a lot. Love you.


  2. Oh Jennie, Dubrovnik is definitely one of the cities I’ve been so eager to see on the Dalamation coast. Your description and photos depict my mind’s image of the city. I think you are right. One must see it sooner, than later. Uncle John and I only saw eastern Croatia from the war torn Danube River view where it is flat and not picturesque. Enjoy your days in Croatia as I think India is your next stop. I SO enjoy your posts. Sending lots and lots of love from Santa Fe.


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