The plane ride to India 
Three days ago my family and I went on a plane for 7 and a half hours. It was a great plane but at the beginning before we where going to take off there was a terrible sound!!! But we got in the air safely which is good news. 

On the plane after we took off the stewards came by and gave us free food. We ate Indian food like chicken above rice then a roll of bread! Oh almost forgot the best part was the dessert!!!!!!!! There was this delicious bar of chocolate 🍫!

The airport in India 

After we all were released from the plane we got into the airport. First we went into this clothing store and, my mom bought a shirt and I almost got a shirt but I did not. Next we went up and up the escalator and found all the good looking food! I’ll tell you all the restaurants there were…

KFC, Pizza Hut, MC Donald’s, and a few others.

The Car Ride To The Hotel

Last we went on a car ride to the Awesome hotel. So the girls went in a car and the boys went in a car. On our ride to the hotel there was two bulls across the street standing with weird bells on there ears. One was white and the other was brown. The rest of the ride was super crazy but we got to the hotel. My family and I got into the hotel and my mom booked two rooms. My parents got a room and my siblings and I got the other. Our room numbers are 1034 and 1039. My parents got the smaller room 1034 and my siblings and I got the bigger room 1039. We had so much fun!!

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