Just Wave Your Arms

So…this isn’t really a traveling miss-hap, I just thought it was really funny.

I usually take my phone into the bathroom with me…I think this has become a pretty common practice for most parents these days as the bathroom is a great place to hide away. Today I was in the restroom just reading away on my phone when the lights go out in the bathroom and it is pitch black in there. At first I thought it was the power. Then I realized my kids were probably just playing a prank on me.

“Ok, who turned off the lights?”


“Hello? Who turned off the lights? You can turn them on now!”

That’s when I hear my 12-year-old calmly say, “Oh mom, you just have to wave your hands up in the air for a while and they’ll come back on.”

“Wait, it happened to you too?”

“Yeah, it happens all the time to me in that bathroom.”

That’s when it clicked. The lights in the bathroom have motion sensors. No, I didn’t get pranked by my kids. The bathroom just thought I was on the toilet for too long. So, now I know, if I’m on the crapper for too long and the lights go out, all I have to do is wave my arms up in the air and the lights will come back on.

One Comment on “Just Wave Your Arms

  1. So funny! I’m imagining the arm wave! I remember going into our bathroom just to have time alone when you kids were little.


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