Month: May 2017

Living as Nomads

As we wrap up this first school year as a nomadic family, I am convinced more than ever that traveling like this has been the best decision for all of us.

Living as nomads has forced us to live as minimalists, shedding off anything and everything that doesn’t make sense to keep on carrying around with us. Keeping items could mean the difference between having to pay extra to check another bag–and that get’s super expensive depending on the airline! We’ve often joked about how when we do finally go through our storage unit this summer we will be throwing out most of the things we kept!

I always thought living in one place and one house was the best option for our children to feel the most stable. This year has taught me that it’s not about whether they live in one place or not. Stability for our children comes from the environment formed within our family. Living as nomads has taught us that our children can thrive when we’re living in a different place (often times different country) each week. Overall, my favorite part about living as we are living is that our “home” has become our family.


London Science Museum – Reagan

Today the five of us went to the science museum. So, the very first part we saw was the cool history but I wasn’t interested in that. Then, we moved onto the astronauts. And it talked about how they travel. Next, the five of us went into this IMAX theater because my mom bought tickets for an earth movie. So we went up the escalator and walked up some stairs. Then we took our seats and there was about 30 minutes of advertisements. That took a LONG time. Finally, at the point the movie started we put on our 3D glasses and watched the earth movie. Next, we went to eat lunch. My brother, sister and I got pepperoni pizza and my little brother got cheese pizza. Lastly, my mom got a butter, ham and cheese baguette. Almost last but not least, we went through the plane exhibit and saw the Nazi water plane and more. Finally the last part the five of us went to was the gift shop. My sister, little brother and I got a foam ball. That NEVER EVER drys out and it never makes a tiny mess. And my brother bought a book on the earth and science.

Bilbao, Spain

Last night we got into Bilbao, Spain around 11:00pm. We will be spending a week in the lovely sea town of Castro Urdiales. Our flat overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and the mountains. It is absolutely lovely! It was a last-minute decision to come here…as it seems every place we go ends up being last-minute…and I’m so glad we did! Never thought I’d be in Basque country!

Here’s for some great news! We found a 5th wheel! Yay! I’ve been scouring Craigslist and and this one just happened to be in Roseville–which my in-laws were wonderful enough to take their day yesterday to drive over and check it out. It’ll be perfect for us to live in this summer. Now we just need a truck with a quad cab to tow it, so if anyone has any leads on someone wanting to sell/rent/give away or lend out their truck and it’s in good condition, able to tow a big 5th wheel, and can seat 6, let me know!