Split πŸ˜‰ – Reagan

Last week my dad drove the six of us to a different city in Croatia. It’s called Split! It was a four hour drive to split. But we had lots of fun. When we arrived in Split we saw three peacocks, they had beautiful colors on their tail. Then we drove to our apartment and got up four flights of stairs. We got into the room, the lady showed us around the place. And, there was two bedrooms. My older brother, sister and I shared a room with three beds, my younger brother got the WHOLE living room to himself and my parents got a room to share! Next we went outside and walked down to the city center by the water and had some lunch and walked back to the apartment and slept. The next morning we woke up and went back to the city center and had brunch (breakfast lunch) because we had no breakfast. For lunch we had hamburgers. I spilled ketchup on my shirt so we went to a store called Zara, and bought me TWO new outfits. Both with a skirt and shirt but, one with a watermelon on the shirt and the other with an orange on it. At that same store my sister Kaitlyn and younger brother Liam bought a hat and sunglasses. Then we bought some DELICIOUS ice- cream!!! Then we headed back up to the room and drove back to Dubrovnik, Croatia. I LOVED SPLIT!!!!!

2 Comments on “Split πŸ˜‰ – Reagan

  1. I liked split too, Reagan. Do you want to go back in the fall? What was the big group of stone buildings we walked through?


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