London Natural History Museum – Peyton

Today, we went to the Natural History Museum in London. It’s a really cool museum, for different reasons. There are two entrances: one at the back and one at the front. When you walk in from the front, you see a giant fossil of a stegosaurus. It is the most complete dinosaur fossil in the world, with only a few of the bones made out of plaster. When you walk in from the back, there is an escalator going into a model of the core of the Earth. If you go up into that, you learn about the Earth and how volcanoes and earthquakes have affected it.

Anyways, today when we visited it, we went in through the back because the front entrance was closed. Like we usually do when we go in through the back, we went into the Earth section first. There is a bunch of stuff about the volcanoes, but i don’t pay attention to that stuff because it’s boring. Then there was a section about fossils, which was on the verge of knocking me into unconsciousness, but not quite. Then, we went to the dinosaur section of the museum. It’s the most popular section in the museum, but since we had already been there before, I thought it was really boring.

After we left the museum, we noticed that there was one more exhibit: The Butterfly Garden. We had to pay though, so we didn’t go in there… The end… wait no… we did go into the butterfly garden. It was really cool, because there were butterflies all around us, and we got to see the cocoons. We even saw a butterfly laying its eggs. There were lots of caterpillars on the leafs, and eggs were all around us. A lot of the butterflies there were really colorful, but i was disappointed because on the way in there was a picture of a gold butterfly… There weren’t any.

We were in the garden for about ten minutes, because it was pretty small, then we left and came back home.

The end… OR IS IT?!?!?!!?


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