London Natural History Museum – Reagan

Today the five of us went to the natural history museum. The first exhibit that we went to was the earth section. We went up an escalator that was inside the earths core! ( It’s fake.) Then we went to the lunch area because I was hungry! I ate a blueberry muffin and purple and green grapes and of course water.

Next, we went to see the dinosaurs and saw how big some dinosaurs looked compared to us (people.) Then, we got to go to this main shop that we always go to. And we went there because I wanted to find a book on butterfly’s and moths. So, my mom and I looked, and looked and looked for a butterfly and moth book. Then…., we FINALLY found a book on these flying creatures. Want to know what the book I bought is called? Well i can tell you. Concise Butterfly and Moth Guide (Bloomsbury.)

Last but not least us five went outside into a butterfly exhibit. So we paid for our tickets then we walked to the entrance and found a sign. (I read it.) It says don’t step on the butterfly’s on the ground and it’s very humid and dry. Then we got inside. Right when we got in I was so frightened I wanted to go out immediately. I took about three pictures and we walked through the maze thing and walked out the other side. Of course we went home after that FUN day!!!!

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