Bilbao, Spain

Last night we got into Bilbao, Spain around 11:00pm. We will be spending a week in the lovely sea town of Castro Urdiales. Our flat overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and the mountains. It is absolutely lovely! It was a last-minute decision to come here…as it seems every place we go ends up being last-minute…and I’m so glad we did! Never thought I’d be in Basque country!

Here’s for some great news! We found a 5th wheel! Yay! I’ve been scouring Craigslist and and this one just happened to be in Roseville–which my in-laws were wonderful enough to take their day yesterday to drive over and check it out. It’ll be perfect for us to live in this summer. Now we just need a truck with a quad cab to tow it, so if anyone has any leads on someone wanting to sell/rent/give away or lend out their truck and it’s in good condition, able to tow a big 5th wheel, and can seat 6, let me know!


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