Bilbao, Spain

Last night we got into Bilbao, Spain around 11:00pm. We will be spending a week in the lovely sea town of Castro Urdiales. Our flat overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and the mountains. It is absolutely lovely! It was a last-minute decision to come here…as it seems every place we go ends up being last-minute…and I’m so glad we did! Never thought I’d be in Basque country!

Here’s for some great news! We found a 5th wheel! Yay! I’ve been scouring Craigslist and and this one just happened to be in Roseville–which my in-laws were wonderful enough to take their day yesterday to drive over and check it out. It’ll be perfect for us to live in this summer. Now we just need a truck with a quad cab to tow it, so if anyone has any leads on someone wanting to sell/rent/give away or lend out their truck and it’s in good condition, able to tow a big 5th wheel, and can seat 6, let me know!


One Comment on “Bilbao, Spain

  1. Glad you arrived safely. Good news on the 5th wheel. Can’t wait to see you!!


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