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London Science Museum – Reagan

Today the five of us went to the science museum. So, the very first part we saw was the cool history but I wasn’t interested in that. Then, we moved onto the astronauts. And it talked about how they travel. Next, the five of us went into this IMAX theater because my mom bought tickets for an earth movie. So we went up the escalator and walked up some stairs. Then we took our seats and there was about 30 minutes of advertisements. That took a LONG time. Finally, at the point the movie started we put on our 3D glasses and watched the earth movie. Next, we went to eat lunch. My brother, sister and I got pepperoni pizza and my little brother got cheese pizza. Lastly, my mom got a butter, ham and cheese baguette. Almost last but not least, we went through the plane exhibit and saw the Nazi water plane and more. Finally the last part the five of us went to was the gift shop. My sister, little brother and I got a foam ball. That NEVER EVER drys out and it never makes a tiny mess. And my brother bought a book on the earth and science.

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