Castro Urdiales

Castro Urdiales is a small beachy town west of Bilbao Spain. It is relatively untouched by tourism, as is evident by the lack of English speakers and affordable prices. I like this place. It’s peaceful. People are friendly. It’s beautiful.

The ocean water is warm and the surrounding mountains are lush and green. You have cliffs and sandy beaches within a football field of each other. It’s a spectacular place–and I feel like we’ve found our little piece of heaven.

There is a quirk here that I find a bit comical, though. There are these beach-walkers–now, I’m not saying these are your typical stroll-along-the-beach- enjoying-the-lovely-view walkers–I’m saying these are avid beach-walkers that power walk or jog with their heads down, back and fourth and back and fourth along the short stretch of beach here. They are super serious beach walkers! I’ve never seen anything like it–and there are a lot of them–morning, noon, and night! If we ever move here, I think I might join them just to see what the deal is. Maybe it’ll catch on and I’ll become an avid beach-walker as well.


One Comment on “Castro Urdiales

  1. Sounds like a place we’d love to come visit. I’m glad you are all doing well. Love you so much!


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