Throughout my 5th grade year – Reagan

The first time we got to Europe we went to Harlem, Amsterdam. One day we walked over several bridges and we ate some ice cream (I got banana!). Then, we got some dinner. Finally, the 7 of us got back on the train and walked home. Another day we went to Corrie ten Booms house. I’ll tell you what I heard. Corrie Ten Boom hid Jews in a hiding place so they wouldn’t be found. When Corrie was arrested she hid 6 people. Corrie was released from prison and spent the rest of her life telling people about Jesus.

The next place we went to was on a ferry onto the Amalfi coast and checked out all different and colorful buildings. We sat up top of the boat and sat along the water. It was soooooooo beautiful!!! Then, at one point of the year we went to Florence, Italy. I learned a few things and I’ll tell you them… the duomo in Florence is the third largest in the world, the Ponte Vecchio is the only bridge in Florence that survived in world war 2, 61.3 million people live in Italy (not just Florence), and in Italy 1 Euro costs 100 American cents. And here is a cool fact, Florence has had 2 floods. One on November fourth 1333 and the other on November fourth 1966! Same day and month!!!!!

The second time we went back to Europe one time we went to Cyprus. I’ll tell you a few things I learned… Cyprus is a small island between the Mediterranean sea. Some of the world’s oldest water falls can be found in Cyprus. In Cyprus we went on a tour I would like to talk about. So, first the tour started at a pottery shop. Then we went to a church and here are a few facts. On top of the church are 1, 2, 3, and 5, domes. All the domes have meanings. The first domes meaning is heaven, 2 dome means Mary and Jesus, 3 dome means the holy trinity and 5 dome means the cross. Then across the street is a delight factory. So, we went to that and got to try ALL different kinds of turkish delight flavors. The flavors I tried were original, strawberry, pomegranate, vanilla, orange, and rose! THEY WERE ALL DELICIOUS!!!!! The best part was not only tasting we got to see how u make the delights.

My favorite place

My favorite place I’ve been to has been Cyprus. I liked it because well not just the tour but also because we were in a great house, near the water, had a pool in the backyard and had a park super close by us! And, it was warm!!! I also liked having a pedicure at a hotel with my grandma. I had my nails redish- pinkish and with SPARKLES!!

My least favorite place

My least favorite place was Rome. Well it was okay because we were right across from the colosseum. I didn’t like it that much because every night we had dinner late. I thought it was WAY too warm and the house I thought was too small for all six of us.

2 Comments on “Throughout my 5th grade year – Reagan

  1. Very good Reagan! I’m proud of you. You have had a wonderful year of experiences. I can’t wait to see you! Love you. Nana


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