It’s Been a While

It’s been a while since I’ve given an update on how and what we’re doing these days, so I thought I’d post something even though it might not be so interesting.

We arrived back in Reno mid-June and ended up finding a truck to pull our new 5th wheel. We have been living in an RV park in Sparks running around like crazy going to appointments, tying up loose ends, and seeing friends and family we haven’t seen since we left.

As for RV life–I’m actually really liking it. I’ve been enjoying decorating our new little home, knowing that it’s ours to keep. We are really close to grocery stores, the water park, and some family, so the location we are in is perfect.

I am hoping for some west-coast on-site work in August and September so we can take our home with us and see the ocean. I’m missing the water.

These days I’ve been listening to the book “The Cure” by John Lynch and Bruce McNicol. I’ve so enjoyed it that I decided to buy it for my Kindle so that I can pay more attention to what is being said as I read the words.

Anyways, that’s what is going on here. As you’ve already probably realized, I probably won’t be posting as much while we are back in the States. Life seems to speed up here which makes it difficult to make time to write and it’s not something I think I’ll ever like getting used to.

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