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Happy September 1

Ok! So, things are coming together for our trip back to Europe and I am getting excited! We’ll be flying directly from Oakland to Stockholm, arriving October 5. Next, we’ll be taking a flight from Stockholm to Birmingham where we will be spending the night at a hotel. The next morning we will be taking the train up to Edinburgh, Scotland and staying the week in a little town called Leith. I’m hoping to see a friend I haven’t seen in maybe 15 years–so, Christine, if you don’t use Facebook messenger anymore, message me on here!

After Scotland, we will be heading down to Venice. My husband will be running the Venice marathon–of which I’m so proud of him and all the hard work he has put in to train for that! We found a neat flat in the small town of Padua, Italy that will be perfectly located to visit the places on my to-visit list such as Venice and Verona–and I would love to hear other little town suggestions of where and what to see around there! Maybe I’ll be romantically inspired and write a book? I’m also excited to be there for my birthday!

Next we will be heading back up to London where my husband will be teaching a public on-site class for the week. Whew! That’s a lot to cram into October!

So, as far as things we need to get done before heading back out–I would ask for prayers that we would be able to sell our home-on-wheels for the summer. I was going to take the time to explain all of our reasonings for doing this, but have decided I don’t need to share all the details at this time.


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    Would like to follow along!


    1. Hi Joyce! There should be a button you can push to join and follow. If not, try messaging me privately with your email address and I can send you and invitation to follow 🙂


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