20 Days

I just got an email today from Norwegian Air reminding me of my upcoming flight to Stockholm in 20 days. Wow! While I’m looking forward to getting back to our ever-moving way of life, I’m reminded of all the things I have yet to do that are on my to-do list before we head out.

I’ve been busy loading up our Amazon cart with things like a new carry on size suitcase and toothbrush covers and a few other things that lasted through our last year of travel, but need to be replaced. 

I’ve been to the DMV 3 times, trying to register our truck and I’m hoping that Tuesday when I go it will be the last time. Registering an out of state vehicle is not easy! Maybe 4th times the charm?!?

Even though I’ve gotten a lot done these last few weeks to prepare, it’s hard to not get discouraged at the mound of items on my list that have yet to get done. Little by little I’m checking its off that list, although more items are being added at a faster rate than being crossed off 😳. So, I’m moving forward, one small step at a time, accomplishing one task at a time, sometimes procrastinating, trusting that it will all get done before we do get on that plane. 20 days and counting!

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