VENICE – Reagan

Two days ago my family and I were in venice for my mom’s birthday. I’ll tell you what we did… first we got in the car to go to the train station. Then, we got on the train for about twenty five minutes. Next, my family and I got off the train and began our journey!!!!

So, then we walked and walked and walked. Since we had woken up early to go to Venice and had NO food we were SUPER hungry. So my dad  had looked at restaurants the night before and he found one and we went there. GUESS what WE had from the menu!!! Here I’ll tell you.. we had  a FULL three course lunch!!!! We were so full after all that food.

Then we paid and left then we kept walking for many hours and found a guy that had painted many pictures of gondolas on the water. They were so pretty we even got one! Next, we found a BEAUTIFUL church that had a Huge painting on the ceiling and many beside it. We sat on the benches and stared for a while then all of us walked out of the wonderful building

After that, we found a place with gelato and my siblings and I got some. My sister Kaitlyn got chocolate, my brother Liam got strawberry cheesecake, my older brother Peyton got hazelnut and lastly I got dulce de leché. Next, we got on a water bus, which is pretty much just a boat on water. Then we got off and found a fancy place with macaroons and we sat there for about 20- 30 minutes then we left.

After we left my family and I got back on the water bus and walked. Filially, we found a gondola and got on one, it was 100 euros. Anyways it was a beautiful ride and the 100 euros I thought was worth it! Lastly we got off and walked back to the train station, where we got on and left.

My favorite part was the gondola ride because of its prettiness. And my least favorite part was all the walking but I was ok. It was a Great day!! My family and I had LOTS of fun!!!!!!! 🙂

One Comment on “VENICE – Reagan

  1. You are so cute Regan! And I can tell you really like food. You are having an amazing experience that most people have never had the opportunity to have. Let’s go exploring Europe when you are older. I want a travel guide who knows how to get around, even if it means a lot of walking! Keep on having all these great times and writing about them too. You are learning a lot.


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