Month: November 2017

Prague By Kaitlyn

When I heard that we were going to Prague I was mad. I wanted to go somewhere warm. When we got there it was really really cold 😨 so when we got in the house I did not want to leave the house. Peyton got the first pick on the room, which was good for me because I got the room I wanted. Reagan and I got to share a bed and so did Peyton and Liam. Two days later we went to the Prague castle. I was really tired and grumpy and Liam was teasing me. I was so angry I started crying and dad told me that he is trying to win the power fight. He showed me with his fingers a power fight and I did what he said and Liam stopped teasing me. When we got back to the house I went to call Kayla but she would not pick up and I don’t know why.


Someone’s Home vs Company

Airbnb’s are typically people’s homes that are rented out on a daily or weekly basis to various travelers. After arriving at our destinations, we have found that most of the Airbnb’s we have ended up renting are actually owned by businesses who have tapped into a very lucrative market–which isn’t always a bad thing. There are a few differences between renting out someone’s home and renting out from a business.

  1. We have found that when we have come to someone’s home the appliances work like they are supposed to. These are things that the businesses usually don’t keep track of because they don’t know unless a tenant complains and asks them to fix it. Out of all the things that have not worked, there has only been one time where the company never got back to us to fix the issue. That being said, most companies care enough about the flats they are in charge of and their reputation on Airbnb where they will take care of the issues as soon as they are able to.
  2. We have found that when you rent out a home through Airbnb, staples such as coffee & tea, sugar, spices, paper goods etc are usually provided for you to use. Most business-run Airbnb’s provide these as well, but not always. We have had a few that pretty much provide a roll of toilet paper and nothing else. So, if you don’t mind spending a few dollars on staple-goods to get you through your stay, ask what they provide before you book. Just remember that they are not required by Airbnb to provide anything that they themselves do not list as a provision in their description.
  3. When you rent out from a business you have access to the whole place. You don’t have to deal with closed off closets, refrigerators, dressers, and/or bedrooms where the owners have kept their things off limits.
  4. When you rent someone’s home, it is usually more homey. There are usually more pictures on the walls, maybe some throw blankets, rugs, etc–although sometimes they can be a bit cluttered. The homes we have rented have tended to provide us with really nice extra touches such as breakfast for the next morning, or a dessert or a bottle of wine that that particular part of the world specializes in. This is contrasted with the majority of Airbnb’s we have rented through a company where the place has felt a bit stale and sparse when it comes to the homey touches–although there have been a few that have provided snacks and/or wine upon arrival.

One thing to remember is that one is not better or worse than another, we have just found that they tend to be very different experiences. We have really enjoyed staying in some of the privately owned homes and there have been a few that we have really disliked and this has been the same with the company run Airbnb’s.

Reagan’s Prague Paper

Last week my family and I were in Prague. It was a beautiful city but it was cold and rainy. One day we were there we went on a tram to the old part of Prague and we bought tickets for a few exhibits. One exhibit we saw was the church which was SOO beautiful!!! 

We also saw the dungeon which was scary. The dungeon has torture weapons that they used back then to kill people. They had a chair with spikes on it and I’ll tell you how it works. So there’s the chair with spikes and someone is sitting on it and there is a strap for your neck with spikes on it too and if you move you would get hurt! I know it’s BRUTAL!!!!!!!!!! 

Another exhibit we saw was the armory witch had lots and LOTS of armor they used back then for wars. There were shields, chest plates, boots, swords, helmets and more. We saw a helmet with a weird looking nose protecter! It was HILARIOUS. 

The next exhibit we saw was a village. The village was pretty cool but NOT as cool as the others. Anyways the village had rooms with beds and desks. So it was pretty much like a house but a bit different. 

When we were all completely done with that we were starving, so we walked to a bookstore/cafe that my mom went to when she was in Bible school. And when our waiter came up he asked if we were ready to order and my dad said yes. I ordered an OREO MILKSHAKE and an American burger…… YUMMY! Then everybody else ordered and then my dad asked the waiter if he came from America because of his accent. He said yeah I come from Boston!! Then I thought to myself that’s crazy because earlier we asked someone to take our picture and they were from Boston also! Then after we paid we left and got back to our AirBNB. 

           THE END 

P.S. I’ll tell you about our thanksgiving on a different paper 😛