Prague By Kaitlyn

When I heard that we were going to Prague I was mad. I wanted to go somewhere warm. When we got there it was really really cold 😨 so when we got in the house I did not want to leave the house. Peyton got the first pick on the room, which was good for me because I got the room I wanted. Reagan and I got to share a bed and so did Peyton and Liam. Two days later we went to the Prague castle. I was really tired and grumpy and Liam was teasing me. I was so angry I started crying and dad told me that he is trying to win the power fight. He showed me with his fingers a power fight and I did what he said and Liam stopped teasing me. When we got back to the house I went to call Kayla but she would not pick up and I don’t know why.


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