Christmas Break 2017 – Reagan

The last 2 weeks my family and I were in Reno visiting our family. I’m going to tell you what I did the first then the second week.

So the first week we stayed at our Nana and Papa Steve’s house and my siblings and I built gingerbread houses, rode scooters, played with the toys in the kids room, and did plenty more. Then on Sunday we left to go to my Grammy and Papa Willy’s house and I got to have a personal sleepover with Maggie then another with Ashlynn.  

A few days later it was CHRISTMAS!!!! So we ate breakfast at Grammy’s house. Guess what we had? We had waffles, crispy bacon, eggs and orange juice. What a yummy breakfast it was. Then we opened presents at Nana’s house and guess what I got??? I got an art set with a mini easel, a Fitbit, and more. Then we ate lunch. We had steak, twice baked potatoes, jello salad, peas and angel biscuits. Then we talked for a while finally we went BACK over to Grammy’s house and opened MORE presents and I got… a stuffed pug, a water bottle that has a pug on it, a pillow that has elephants on it, a 30 dollar gift card to target from Maggie, and so much more. Next we had dinner.. we had ham, twice baked potatoes, salad and deviled eggs. And for dessert we had pumpkin pie and ice cream. Then Ashlynn and I did a play.

After Christmas, a few days later, we did a girls sleepover. We went to the movies and watched The Greatest Showman! And then we went to sleep at 4:30!! And woke up at 7:00. I got 3 hours of sleep but McKenna and Kaitlyn got NO sleep at all. Then a few days later we left to got to Barcelona, Spain.

One Comment on “Christmas Break 2017 – Reagan

  1. Good job, Reagan! I hope you are enjoying Spain. I miss you tons! I love you! Love, Nana


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