Bucharest Tour – Reagan

Yesterday my family and I went on a personal tour around the old part of Bucharest. Our tour guide, her name is Alina and she was a great tour instructor. So our driver first took us to the old town and while we were sitting in the van Alina talked about the buildings we were passing. Like… the banks and the construction happening. Do you want to know why there was a lot of construction? Here you go, in 1977 there was a HUGE earthquake in Bucharest!! Lots and LOTS of buildings got demolished. So we got to see the newly made buildings.

Then we came to a stop and hopped out of the car and walked with Alina toward a little bakery and bought five different pastries (except two they were the same). The first pastry I tried was a cheesy one with dough around it. The next one I tried was the apple pie, but it was a lot different than apple pie I’m used to having. It tasted weird…the dough tasted kind of like the smell of wood, but the rest was fine. The second to last pastry I tried was the pumpkin pie, and that was DISGUSTING! It was terrible. There was shredded pumpkin in the middle of the dough. The last one I tried was the cookie and that was my favorite because, it well, it jut tasted like a regular chocolate chip cookie.

Anyways, enough about the tasting, let me tell you about the arch. The arch is kind of like the one in Paris, but instead of it being in Paris, it’s in Bucharest. That’s pretty much all I heard about that.

Now, I’m going to talk about the Parliament Building. We went into the building and went on an English tour around the inside without Alina. I learned that there are about two thousand chandeliers in the ginormous building and that they had to remove a lot of houses to build the Parliament Building. On the tour, they said that they misplaced 60,000 people and destroyed a whole neighborhood to make room for the building and the street!!!!

After the tour, we went back in the car with Alina and drove to a restaurant for lunch and our tour guide left to go back home. For lunch, I got a chicken breast schnitzel. It was awesome and the perfect size too.

Here are some pictures of the tour:

This is a photo of the largest chandelier in the Parliament Building, also known as The peoples House.
This is a photo of air vents. The vents are the circle things connecting the decorative rectangles
Last but not least this photo was taken in the auditorium. Originally it was supposed to be a theater but it turned into an auditorium.


By: Reagan Denney

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