Cap de Creus, Spain

There is a national park in northern Spain called Cap de Creus that is just an incredible place to go for views, photography, hiking, mountain biking and swimming. We spent a day exploring this incredible park and we were blown away by its beauty.

Situated on the north eastern tip of Spain one has to take a narrow and winding road along the coast to get there (with spectacular views of the Mediterranean sea, dots of small Spanish villages, vineyards and olive groves).

Northern Spain 2018

On our way up, we stopped at the charming village of Cadaques to eat some lunch. This little fishing village reminds me of the white and blue coastal towns in Greece. It really is a beautiful little town. By the water there are a variety of restaurants, from Spanish tapas to sandwiches and Italian food, you can take your pick and eat outside overlooking the fishing bay.  You can even hang out with Salvador Dali for a while!

Northern Spain 2018-3Northern Spain 2018-2Northern Spain 2018-4

Once you leave Cdaques, the drive is a very winding 20 minute drive to Cap de Creus. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from that excursion:

DSC07121DSC07127DSC07130DSC07144DSC07148Northern Spain 2018 #2DSC07165DSC07178DSC07185

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