Thoughts on leaving

It’s hard to believe it’s been a month already. We head out Friday, and I feel as though this place has grown on me. The more we’ve explored the beautiful north-eastern corner of Spain, the more beauty I’m discovering. From the mountains, castle ruins and sunshine, to the fresh seafood, friendly people and amazing mediterranean views—I do believe I will miss this place.

It’s been a good home for us this last month. A good place to rest and brush up on our Spanish and experience some Catalan culture. We have learned that (especially in non-tourist season) many restaurants are closed until St Patrick’s Day. Most grocery stores & shops close down between 2-5 for siesta time and if you want to go out to dinner, good luck finding a restaurant that opens before 8pm! Besides the many closed restaurants this winter, the siesta times and dinner times haven’t been much of a bother to us, as staying in one place for a whole month has made it easier to make home cooked meals–much to our kiddos’ excitement!

I have been really surprised by the vast terrain of northern Spain. You have the sea, mountains, waterfalls, vineyards & farms, and old ruins at your fingertips. We have learned that this part of Spain is very perfect for the outdoorsy, so if you like mountain biking, hiking, or rock climbing you can find trails everywhere.

We hope to come back to Spain in May after our Schengen tourist visas have a chance to recoup some weeks. This time, we would love to visit Andalusia. We have not made it to southern Spain yet, so we are looking forward to seeing that area for the first time!

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