Transylvania – by Kaitlyn

Our tour lady was the best lady we’ve ever had a tour with. She was so nice. She would stop anywhere we wanted her to.

Example: If we needed the restroom, she would find a restroom and stop there. If we wanted a snack, she would find a place like a gas station and go there.

My favorite place she took us was the gorgeous Parliament Palace. I liked the outside of it. I learned that the Parliament Palace is one of the heaviest buildings in the world and she told us that the Parliament Palace would be used for better things if it was smaller.

The next place we went to was a place called Transylvania. We saw the Brauns Castle and the Royal Peles Castle. I learned that Transylvania wasn’t the place for Dracula because the guy who made him up used a different spot for his castle and the Brauns Castle was the closest one they could use as Dracula’s castle.

I also learned that Dracula is scary. There was a room in the castle that had pictures of Dracula and they would give you nightmares.

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