Yesterday my dad left to go to Malta for his work. My mom, siblings and I went to the beach and it was really hot there and there were lots of people at the beach. We could hardly find a parking spot. So we had to park at the top and walk all the way down. When we found a place to sit we placed all our stuff down and sat down.

Liam and Kaitlyn went snorkeling and Kaitlyn said Liam and she saw AMAZING things underneath the huge rocks in the water. And I played with the sand toys and made a drip castle for Peyton to destroy.

Later Peyton got board and asked my mom if Peyton and I could walk back on the trail. (There’s a trail leading back to the house we’re staying at right now.) My mom said yes if you bring this bag up to the car so he did.

We left and I saw Peyton and he said ok let’s go and I said wait everybody else is coming too. Next, we got home, my mom made dinner and we had a MTCH.That means movie time clubhouse. We watched Hook. Then we went to bed.

The End!!!!😄

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