Just Because

I feel as though I’m finally getting into a good groove with this blog–only took me about 2 years! So, because Mondays seem like a good day to post pictures of what we’ve been up to, here you go.

We are still in Cyprus, staying true to our attempt at staying in one place for longer periods of time. Protaras may be close to a ghost-town in the spring, thus not too many options are available for eating out or tours. That being said, the colors are incredible–thus, I have really enjoyed taking pictures here! Leisure walks and relaxing beach days are plentiful and every once in a while we find a unique treasure that has washed up on shore.


Anyone in need of an office chair?



4 Comments on “Just Because

  1. Jennie, Thanks so much for the photos and info about the countries you are visiting!!! Wow, what a special experience for all of you!!!!! Is your schedule to stay abroad indefinitely? Blessings on your family and your travels!!! In God’s Love, Joyce Remembering MOPS and those special days of fun at SRBC.


    • Hi Joyce! We are hoping for not indefinitely and trusting in God’s timing for the answer to that question. Thank you for asking! I have very fond memories of that MOPS group—some of my favorite memories of that time in my life. Thank you for sharing your life with us as our Mentor Mom!


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