Leaving Cyprus – Reagan

On Sunday my family and I left Cyprus to go to Frankfurt, Germany. When we got to our apartment we had to walk up four flights of stairs with our suitcases. And when our host opened the door we were surprised or at least I was. There is a loft with three beds, one bed in the living room and a room at the other end of the apartment for my mom and dad. Kaitlyn, Liam, and Peyton got the loft and I got the living room. We had a pretty big kitchen with lots of food in the fridge and tea, coffee and hot chocolate on a shelf. By the stove was three shelf’s full of baking materials and recipes. Then our host left and we ordered Deliveroo.

The next day my dad had to go to work and we stayed home and did school. When my dad got home we went shopping and went back home and ate dinner.

After Monday it was Tuesday and we went to the park right across from our place and played for a little while. Then my mom and dad went out and we stayed home and got to eat pizza.

Yesterday, we played at the park also and went out to eat at an Italian restaurant. My mom got pizza, my dad, Peyton, and Liam got pasta and I got a salad. Oh, and Kaitlyn stayed home because she didn’t feel well. We got home and the little sand Peyton had to go to bed I didn’t because I got to talk to Ashlynn.

THE END!!!!!!

By: Reagan T Denney

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