Doubts and Fears

One thing that I have learned as I have been putting things together for my book proposal is how easy it is to doubt myself. If I’m not paying attention, questions like the following have a tendency to stop me from going forward:

Is anyone going to want to read what I have to say?

What on earth have I gotten myself into?

Is quitting early less painful than pouring my heart and soul into something just to have it fall flat on its face?

What if I have to come up with a follow-up book for this one? And what if I don’t have one!

So, how do I move past the fears and doubts when they overshadow what I am trying to do? First thing I do is pray.

Then I ask myself why am I doing this. The answer to that question always comes back to the same thing: It’s because I know that I have something important to say. That answer usually seems to put me back on track.

Lastly, I could never keep going if it wasn’t for my incredibly encouraging family and the Hope*Writer community I joined in January of this year. Surrounding myself with people who are cheering me on, helping me along the way, and that understand the fears and doubts that go along with being a writer have helped me keep going. So much so, that I can finally say that I am just about ready to submit my book proposal to some literary agents. EEEEEK!

2 Comments on “Doubts and Fears

  1. Great words and a wonderful reminder that I am not alone in circling through the negative and failing to focus on the positive. Keep going! You’ve got this.


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