Margin became very important to us as we traveled. So much so, we scheduled a whole day for travel and a whole day to recoup from travel no matter where we flew. I was purposeful to make sure I scheduled our flights after lunch, which made the morning feel more relaxed and made the travel feel less stressful, which in turn made for a much more enjoyable family travel day. Honestly, I think this is one reason why we were able to travel as long as we did!

Now that we are back in the States, living a normal American life, margin was the first thing that went out the window because I tend to get more distracted and sometimes I have a tendency to be less purposeful in how I structure (or not structure) my day.

I’m learning that margin doesn’t just happen. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear out of the blue one day and say, “Why hello, I’m margin, welcome to a less stressful, fuller life!” Rather, it’s a practice one must instill into his or her day to day life. It takes hard work, purpose, and A LOT of planning ahead (boo).

You will be able to eliminate many of the stressors that go along with rush and hurry if you learn the importance of instilling margin into your day to day life.

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