Liam’s Birthday 🍰 Reagan

Yesterday was Liam’s birthday (my brother). He turned 7 and my family and I traveled to London from Barcelona, Spain. Anyways I’ll talk about the plane ride. Ok so… when we got on the plane I realized that there was a field trip of teenagers. It was a long flight because of how LOUD they were!!!

On the flight Liam got a chocolate muffin with bread sticks and chocolate on them and they were on the muffin. Around the muffin were little candies (I ate all of them because Liam didn’t like them). Then we got off the plane and got through passport control leaving the teenagers behind, got our bags and headed to the flat.

Then when we got to the flat we dropped all our things off and walked to a Chinese restaurant. Unfortunately, we had to leave because they were full. So, we walked over to Nandos, which is a restaurant where they’re known for their chicken wings. When we were done with dinner we walked over to a theater and watched a play called… WICKED!!!!!!

It was an amazing play! The play is about the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wonderful Wizard Of Oz. It’s her story. The wicked witch has an incredible voice!!! Lastly, we walked back to the flat and brushed our teeth and went to bed.

The End! 🎂😊😁🤗

The Weight of a Parent

As a mom I’m constantly wondering if what I’m doing and how we’re choosing to live is enough for our kids. Questions like, “is this going to permanently damage our kids socially?” and “is this really the right thing to do?” and “what if we are doing it wrong?” and “what if they really are missing out?” seem to be a constant sometimes.

You see, I believe God has given us 4 incredible gifts. Those gifts come with a responsibility. We, as parents, have been put in charge of 4 souls and it’s our responsibility to teach and train and show those four souls the best way to live so that someday they can make good and right decisions and live full lives on their own. As a parent, the weight of that responsibility can be pretty heavy at times.

It’s in those heavy moments that I begin to ask God and question our motives, actions, and the way we’ve chosen how to live. It was during one of those moments this morning, that a verse came to me from Matthew 6:33:

“Seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness

and all these things will be given to you as well.”

It caused me to stop my second-guessing and reflect back on the last few years. As I look back at the fruit that has been sown in our kiddos, I’m in awe. I see our kiddos having conversations with adults. I see our daughters blossoming from shy and insecure bullied students to strong, secure young women. I see the experiences that have affected their world-view and their desires to make our world a better place in their own unique way, using the gifts they’ve been given and wanting to bless others. These are the fruits I see.

These fruits have not come without our own fair share of praying. Looking back, I also see our decisions covered in prayers for wisdom and direction. Prayers filled with questions, longings, pain and distrust. Prayers also filled with trust, love, and genuine-ness. I see tears, anger, frustration and then peace, hope, and anticipation. I believe God has heard all those prayers and has been working in our hearts as we seek Him in this life-journey. Now, here we are, and it’s when I look back at who our kids were and who they are now that I see the work God has done, the healing He has done, and I praise Him.

I think, in the end, maybe it’s not so much about whether we’re doing it wrong or right, but whether we’re seeking the Lord and loving our kids the best we know how and trusting the God will take care of the rest.

Last Week – Peyton

Last week, Dad left for London, leaving us in Spain to take care of our own business. We didn’t do much, so I’ll fast forward to when Dad came home on Thursday (early Friday morning).

We went to pick him up at the Barcelona airport, which happens to be about an hour and a half drive away on roads that are completely foreign to us. We are so far away from America, that siri is telling us where to go using the metric system. Anyways, about 75 minutes into our drive, Mom takes the wrong exit on the freeway (no hard feelings Mom). It wouldn’t have been a big deal if the ramp we needed onto the freeway wasn’t closed. Siri kept telling us to take the third exit on the roundabout, but there might as well not have been that third exit, because it was closed. We drove around for another half hour, just trying to get back onto the freeway.

Fast forwarding another couple days, to Saturday. On Saturday, we decided to take the hour drive up to a little town in France that nobody seems to know the name of. They had a sweet castle built while the Greeks were still the superpower. Obviously, it had been redone a few times, so we didn’t get to see the original. It was the first time any of is had ever been in the actual castle. Usually they only let us see a tiny portion of the castles, but this time, almost nothing was blocked off. It was built right on the edge of a bay in the Mediterranean, so, as you can imagine, the view was incredible.

After finishing up in the castle, we walked around the city and had some lunch. After walking around for another fifteen minutes or so, we found some Church thing on an island. It looked cool from where we were standing, so we tried to get over the bridge, but it was really windy and I was not dressed very appropriately for the weather (Europe 101: Bring a coat and long pants). I had some basketball shorts and a tee shirt with a thin running sweatshirt. The wind started blowing really hard, and we were right next to a beach, so the sand started hitting me in the face and in the legs. It hurt.