The Walls Of Spain

One day while we were in Malaga-Spain, my mom and dad decided we were going to go to the walls and check them out. Everyone did not want to go, but we still went, and it was fun. I thought it was really interesting. We saw how they fixed the artifacts it was amazing. It looked so different from Roman stuff it still looked cool though. Liam kept putting his foot in the sewage system but it had clean water. It had a great view and there were shooting holes in the walls. My dad picked Liam up and tried to get him to pick an orange but a twig stabbed him in the head. Then he tried with me, but the tree had ants. Then dad picked me up again and I got an orange but it tasted awful. My dad said that everything we were seeing was original. There was a bar and dad said it was original. There was a drinking fountain, a pigeon, a concrete thing, and a lot more things.

The End! Thank You!

Cyprus – Peyton

The last three weeks, we’ve been relaxing on the warm island of Cyprus. Cyprus is a country located on the Eastern side of the Mediterranean with heavy Greek and Turkish influences. Essentially, there are two states in the tiny country, and I haven’t yet come to fully understand the boundaries of them.

Anyways, our house is right near a Cypriot national park called Cape Greco. We are right on the water, with good hikes all around us. There is a nice beach about a 3 minutes drive away from us (well, it would be nice if there weren’t a bunch of unnecessarily placed poles sticking out of the ground across almost all of it), where we can take our rented paddleboard and/or hike right over a little hill.

We have a pool that was supposed to be good and heated. If I have to wait 5 days for it to heat up 2 degrees, and it being 60 degrees when we got here, I wouldn’t consider it very heated.

We have gone on two hikes, one was a fail and we only walked about a mile before Kaitlyn’s tummy started acting up again. She hasn’t been feeling well in her stomach lately, so we’re testing to see if she’s lactose intolerant. She hasn’t been handling this very well because yogurt with honey is her favorite thing in the world. Also, not being able to eat grilled cheese sandwiches is an added disadvantage. If the milk test doesn’t work, we will move on to eggs, wheat and so on.

The other hike was good until Kailyn fell and Liam said his stomach was hurting too. We managed to power through and finish the walk with only one minor injury and a faker while seeing some awesome sights.

Overall, I think we’ve had a pretty good time here, after being in Romania for two weeks. Most days, it’s been warm and sunny, with a few being cloudy, rainy and almost always windy. Although I’m looking forward to getting out of here to go to Spain, I definitely think it’s one of the nicest places we have been.

Pup the Dog

Pup is one year old.

Once upon a time, there was a dog named Pup. Pup was a golden retriever. When he was in the light, he blinded anyone who saw him, so he mainly stayed in dark alleys. One day when Pup was in a gross alley, he found another golden retriever, but it was very small. It looked like it was just born. His eyes were not open. Pup looked around and said, “Hello? Has anyone lost a puppy?” There was no response. He yelled again, same result.

So, he picked up the poor puppy and ran. He knew he would have to take the chance of blinding people, but it would be doubled with two golden retrievers. He jumped across the road with the puppy still in his jaws. Luckily for Pup, no one saw him. He got into an alley as put the puppy down.

To his amazement, the puppy opened his eyes and said, “Dadda.”

Pup said, “No, I’m not your dad.”

Pup thought and said, “I will name you Sunshine, cuz your smile is so bright.”

Sunshine smiled.

One year later.

Sunshine found a treasure map. Pup said, “Whoa! Let’s follow the map to the treasure.”

The map said–”when you find the treasure, it can turn you into whatever breed you want.”

The dogs were off! It was easy to find the treasure. They came back and chose what breed they wanted to be. Pup chose a chocolate lab. Sunshine chose a yellow lab.

8 years later.

Pup and Sunshine both found a good home. They were still in touch. Pup was really old. One day Pup called Sunshine and said, “I am dying.” When Pup hung up, after a long talk, he went to his owner and he was whimpering. His owner picked him up and took him to the vet. The vet said, “he is very old. He’s dying. We can’t do anything to help you. There is one thing, though. We can put him down.”

The owner said, “No.” Then the owner thought again and said to the veterinarian, “I don’t want him to suffer. So do what you have to do.”

So Pup was put down. Sunshine and his entire family went to the funeral. His owner was heartbroken for years. Sunshine and Pup’s owners were best friends so Sunshine’s owner came over a lot and comforted his owner.

Then it was Sunshine’s turn. Sunshine lived for 20 years. His 20th birthday was not the greatest birthday. His wife had just died. Sunshine wouldn’t eat any of the cake. He wouldn’t do anything. His kids were trying to comfort him. His owner stepped in and picked up Sunshine and took him to the vet and the same thing happened to Sunshine. Sunshine’s kids were heartbroken as well. They missed Sunshine so much. And years after Sunshine and Pup died, the same thing happened to Sunshine’s kids.

The End!