Pup the Dog

Pup is one year old.

Once upon a time, there was a dog named Pup. Pup was a golden retriever. When he was in the light, he blinded anyone who saw him, so he mainly stayed in dark alleys. One day when Pup was in a gross alley, he found another golden retriever, but it was very small. It looked like it was just born. His eyes were not open. Pup looked around and said, “Hello? Has anyone lost a puppy?” There was no response. He yelled again, same result.

So, he picked up the poor puppy and ran. He knew he would have to take the chance of blinding people, but it would be doubled with two golden retrievers. He jumped across the road with the puppy still in his jaws. Luckily for Pup, no one saw him. He got into an alley as put the puppy down.

To his amazement, the puppy opened his eyes and said, “Dadda.”

Pup said, “No, I’m not your dad.”

Pup thought and said, “I will name you Sunshine, cuz your smile is so bright.”

Sunshine smiled.

One year later.

Sunshine found a treasure map. Pup said, “Whoa! Let’s follow the map to the treasure.”

The map said–”when you find the treasure, it can turn you into whatever breed you want.”

The dogs were off! It was easy to find the treasure. They came back and chose what breed they wanted to be. Pup chose a chocolate lab. Sunshine chose a yellow lab.

8 years later.

Pup and Sunshine both found a good home. They were still in touch. Pup was really old. One day Pup called Sunshine and said, “I am dying.” When Pup hung up, after a long talk, he went to his owner and he was whimpering. His owner picked him up and took him to the vet. The vet said, “he is very old. He’s dying. We can’t do anything to help you. There is one thing, though. We can put him down.”

The owner said, “No.” Then the owner thought again and said to the veterinarian, “I don’t want him to suffer. So do what you have to do.”

So Pup was put down. Sunshine and his entire family went to the funeral. His owner was heartbroken for years. Sunshine and Pup’s owners were best friends so Sunshine’s owner came over a lot and comforted his owner.

Then it was Sunshine’s turn. Sunshine lived for 20 years. His 20th birthday was not the greatest birthday. His wife had just died. Sunshine wouldn’t eat any of the cake. He wouldn’t do anything. His kids were trying to comfort him. His owner stepped in and picked up Sunshine and took him to the vet and the same thing happened to Sunshine. Sunshine’s kids were heartbroken as well. They missed Sunshine so much. And years after Sunshine and Pup died, the same thing happened to Sunshine’s kids.

The End!

Baby Girl

Baby girl, don’t grow up too fast

This world is full of people who beckon for that

Baby girl, take your time

Enjoy your innocence

Rest in it

Baby girl, don’t grow up too fast

This world is harsh, uncaring, cold

Baby girl, take your time

Dance, dream, play, sing, imagine, daydream, laugh, be carefree

Baby girl, you’re growing up

Remember to enjoy today

Embrace your innocence

Celebrate your youth.

Learn all you can about today

So that tomorrow

When you have grown up

You can look back and be confident in who you have become

Baby girl, I celebrate who you are

And who you’re becoming

You’re beautiful, smart, strong, courageous

As you ready to step into this cold, dark world

May you be a beacon of light that draws those around you to the One who

has brought light to this world


King of the Hill – Peyton

Today, we took a walk to the beach, expecting it to be a nice relaxing time. Instead, we got to do something way better. It’s about a ten-minute walk from our house to the beach, all on the edge of a cliff with a beautiful sight of the Mediterranean.

When we got there, I was surprised to see how little people there were. We were walking around to find a spot when we found it. A giant sand mound that we could climb up. It was at least fifteen feet tall and cone-shaped. It looked like they had just gotten it there yesterday.

We climbed to the top, where the view was pretty good. We jumped and rolled off it, and eventually, it turned into a game of King of the Hill. Although it was impossible for Kaitlyn, Reagan and me to push Dad off, it was still a lot of fun.

I had my whole legs covered in sand to the point where I couldn’t see them anymore, and my hands were even worse. My toes ached from all the climbing we were doing, and my lungs burned from lack of oxygen.

Eventually, one of us had to get hurt, and this time, it was Liam again. We rinsed off in the sea, then walked back home, still pretty much covered in sand. There is an outside shower that we could wash off in, then jump in the pool to get most of the rest of the sand in.

I have to say, that King of the Hill game was probably the best thing we’ve done here in Cyprus. There isn’t much to do other than the beach and the pool because it isn’t tourist season, so having that mound there was like Christmas come early.