This company I actually found on Amazon, and then I went to their website to find out more about them. They are a children’s clothing company based out of Canada named luvmother. This company sells basic t-shirts and sweat pants, long sleeved hoodie shirts and skirts for young kiddos. By basic, I mean they’re not fancy, but they are cute!

The clothes came quickly, wrapped in a cute brown paper with a bow and a nice hand-written note thanking me for my purchase. As I took out the clothes I was taken aback by how soft they were. My kids immediately put them on and wear them all the time now (and it’s summer!). I love these clothes and would definitely recommend them! They now sell children’s size clothes up to a size 12, which is wonderful that they expanded their sizing, for last year they only  had up to a size 8!

Bonus here is that if you sign up for their emails you get 15% off your first purchase, which is the most I’ve seen any company offer!

Cape Greco, Cyprus

Today we discovered our home for the next month and a half. We found a beautiful spot near the water and I wanted to share my favorite pictures of the day. Despite the wind, it was a warm and beautiful day! I can’t get over the colors here–and I feel my camera picks up the contrasts beautifully!



The girls found a little starfish!



We found Cyclope’s cave!



My husband trying out his new paddle board


Another company we’ve ordered from is called Minus33. Now, I have only ordered men’s long underwear bottoms from them. They are more of a mid-weight long underwear, they are soft, seem comfortable and perfect for what my son will need this winter. They do have a smaller selection compared to some of the other companies, but they do carry long underwear for kids (although it looks like it’s just one pink for girls and black for boys). Their prices seem reasonable compared to the other companies and they do sell some of their products on Amazon.