Pompeii – Kaitlyn

The city Pompeii had a volcano named Mt. Vesuvius. The ash fell on the people living there all the people died because the ash was very hot and burned them.

When my family and I went there the volcano did not erupted. If it was about to erupted the city would be evacuated. I was excited  to go there!

Pompeii – Peyton

On Friday, our family went to Pompeii. I thought that it was going to be really lame, and that there would just be a bunch of people that were saved from a pile of ash… I thought wrong. It was really cool. We learned about how the people that dug the bodies out of the ground had to inject plaster onto the bones so that they wouldn’t break apart. The city was not destroyed at all. There were a few buildings and statues that had fallen apart, and they had to repair the roofs of the houses, but other that that nothing had really broken.

When we first went in, I said that we should go over to the left. The buildings over there were pretty cool, but they were peasant houses. In most of the buildings, there weren’t people, but in one there was a body preserved in glass. Imagine looking out your window and seeing the volcano that you have never seen blow up, spewing out hot lava and ashes. That would be pretty crazy, wouldn’t it?

Right now they are scared because, historically, Mt. Vesuvius has blown up every twenty years, and it has never really caused tons of damage. Vesuvius hasn’t blown up since 1944. That is a LOT longer than twenty years.  There is a lot of lava building up in it, and for some reason, since 44’, people have been burying toxic waste in the volcano. So, not only will it destroy as far as Naples (Naples is 25.5 KM away from Pompeii), but it will also unleash toxic gas into the air. The scientists have monitors constantly checking Mt. Vesuvius because if anything moves around it it will blow.

Anyways, let’s get back to Pompeii. So after we saw the body, we decided to go to the Amphitheater a little farther down the road. We couldn’t go up to the seats, but we got to see the theater built to hold 20,000 people. There was a little door that I said was built for Liam (sarcastically), but Dad said it was probably built for the animals that the prisoners had to fight. Inside the walls of the amphitheatre, there was a weird exhibit about music, because Pink Floyd performed live there. I was like, this is really weird why don’t they have more things on Pompeii? There was a book where you were supposed to write a review, but Dad said that I shouldn’t write anything because it would be a waste of time. We walked a little bit farther and then Harmony, Liam, and Reagan said they were too tired to walk any more.

Liam, Mom, Dad, and me all waked to the town square, where there were lots of fallen statues and stuff. We were confused to see a coffee shop a little bit farther down the road, but went there anyways. Mom picked us out some Nutella and sticks (kind of like the fake cheese and sticks in America, but WAY better because it had Nutella in it), so we ate those on the side of the road. Then we went and saw the other two smaller theaters, which the Pompeians used as their theatre for plays and things. One was a lot bigger than the other. Then we decided we had to leave to get back to the girls, who had been waiting at the entrance for about an hour.

Pompeii – Reagan

My family on Friday went on a train to Pompeii. We walked to a little town called Pompeii. There is a volcano in Italy that erupted in 79AD. The volcano in Italy is called Mount Vesuvius. All the people that lived in Pompeii got covered in the volcano’s hot ashes. Those people are over two thousand years old. Archaeologists dug up the people that were covered in ash. We got to see all the people’s houses. They are all made out of brick. My favorite part was seeing the people that are dead. It was an AWESOME trip to Pompeii. It was an awesome, incredible, unblievelble, and fun trip!